Profession Confession
#43- Rural Deputy Sheriff

#43- Rural Deputy Sheriff

May 11, 2018

We had a fun chat with David, a Deputy Sheriff in a rural area. He covers an entire county and you wouldn't believe some of the things he has seen. This episode is a lighter episode, especially compared to the Dead Baby Photographer, so you can leave the box of tissues on the table. David has been shot at by a war vet, picked up brains at a crime scene and pulled over someone while they were getting "road head".

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Show Notes:

8:30- Work Persona

10:45- Road Head

13:15- Pulled Over In Squad Car

17- Cop Rivalries

20:30- Attacked by a Civilian

25- Dealing with Stress

27:30- Worst Death

28:50- Darkest Call

30:50- Good vs. Evil

32- Hand to Hand Combat

36- Golden Rule

37- Fun Calls

39- Gabe gets Arrested

43- Hot Pursuit

44- Getting Tazed

45- Bee Ruins Tacos

46:20- Pepper Spray

48:30- Soveirgn Citizens

50:30- Domestic Call

53- Almost Killed Someone

55:30- Scared on the Job

58- Culture Affecting the Job

1:00:30- Evil Person

1:03:15- Bribes

1:06:15- Profiling

1:08:20- Bad Cops

1:11:20- Police Brutality

1:17:00- Pulling Over Judges Mom

1:18:30- Arresting Women

1:19:30- Easy to get Chicks?

1:20:15- Excuses to get out of Ticket

1:23:00- Gabe Kissed Wendy

1:28:00- Worst Accident

1:30:20- Worst Injury


#42- Dead Baby Photographer (Trigger Warning)

#42- Dead Baby Photographer (Trigger Warning)

May 5, 2018

WARNING controversial, insensative jokes and cringe worthy stories throughout this episode. This is an extremely dark episode and like all of our other guests, Linda Ann, laughs her way through a dark and depressing career path. She takes phographs of dead babies for families in hospitals. When you are constantly around people on the worst day of their lives you will develope a dark sense of humor. We in no way are making fun of the families or their situation. We simply are trying not to cry as we navigate this unbelievable episode.

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Show Notes:

6:11- How do you get started?

14:00- Family holds dead baby.

15:00- Hardest picture to take?

15:45- Uterine Abruption 

17:00- Different ways babys die

23:00- Maintaining relationships with families

24:20- First picture

26:45- Snack break

28:00- Catching baby's only smile

30:00- What do you say to families?

31:20- Saddest person in the room

32:30- Do you cry?

34:30- Holding dead baby at funeral

37:30- Stealing pictures

41:15- Baby survived

43:00- Little sister asks a million questions

44:15- Religous outlook

46:50- Building wells in Africa

49:00- People accidentally seeing dead baby pictures

51:00- Art form?

52:15- Taking pictures of a friend's baby 

53:15- Getting good pictures

#41- Inner City Paramedic

#41- Inner City Paramedic

April 11, 2018

Gross, gorey, funny and shocking! This episode has it folks. Lilly certainly didn't disapoint with stories from her time as a paramedic. She has seen missing limbs, bus accidents, sex injuries and anything else you can imagine. The Brown Bomber believes this could be the best episode we've done so far! Is he right? Let us know what you think about this episode on Facebook and Twitter.


Co-Host: Isaac Witty


Show Notes:

Facebook Questions (3:54)

Torn Testicles (6:00)

Saving Paco (8:00)

Difference Between Paramedic and EMT (10:00)

Dealing With Gawkers (13:00)

Common Drug Calls (15:42)

Gabe Saves a Prostitute (16:45)

Narcan (18:50)

Becoming a Paramedic (20:45)

Adrenaline Rush? (21:50)

Career Life Expectancy (23:45)

Sex Injuries (25:30)

Gabe's Most Terrifying Shit (26:45)

Saving Lives (33:30)

Rescue Pod (38:45)

Rivals? (43:00)

Emotional Breakdown (44:25)

Worst Death (46:00)

Hit By a Bus (48:30)

Most Pain someone Has Been In (53:26)

Spotting Fakers (57:00)

Organ Donors (59:30)

Gross Patient (1:07:00)

Embarassing Moments (1:09:30)

Baby Sitter Call (1:14:15)

Isaac's Porn Prank (1:16:15)

World's Worst Son (1:19:10)

Blame Yourself? (1:25:15)

Torn Asshole (1:28:00)

Funny Death (1:30:00)

Question We All Want Answered (1:32:00)

Cutting Off Hand (1:32:30)

#40- Army Sniper Pt. 2 of 2

#40- Army Sniper Pt. 2 of 2

April 4, 2018

The second, and final, part to our Army Sniper episode. We continue to get to know Sam, including his dark chilghood. We uncover some more jaw dropping military stories that left us speechless. He has been stabbed, blown-up and shot. He also talks about fighting child soldiers and what it was like to transition back into the real world.


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#39- Army Sniper Pt. 1 of 2

#39- Army Sniper Pt. 1 of 2

March 30, 2018

The highly anticipated Army Sniper Episode is here! We sat down with Sam, an Army Sniper who worked his way up from infantry. He has nearly done it all. Long distance head shots from 1,200 yrds, high value targets and 3 tours under "Don't Ask, Don't Tell". We also learn what is reffered to as "pink mist" and why it is such a satisfying site for a sniper.


Co-host for this episode is the world renowned comedian, Chris Maddock. He really stepped up his game this episode and delivered one of the best wedding lines you could ever say.


As always you'll hear the voice of the producer, Tevin Pittman, AKA the Brown Bomber.


Thank you for listening! 


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#38- TELEVISION DEBUT, Steve Gillespie (Conan)

#38- TELEVISION DEBUT, Steve Gillespie (Conan)

March 1, 2018

The next installment of our Televsion Debut series brings us Steve Gillespie. He tells us about his national TV debut on Conan. He nearly missed out on the once in a lifetime opportunity by not having his voicemail set up. He also reveals some of the back stage antics he and his brother pulled.


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#37- Ghost Hunter

#37- Ghost Hunter

February 21, 2018

Who you gonna call? These guys hunt casper and seek out the flying dutchman. These ghost hunters have spent time in some of the nation's spookiest places, looking for anything paranormal.


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#36- Hostage Negotiator

#36- Hostage Negotiator

February 15, 2018

Kyle has lived a life that is straight from a Hollywood film. He was involved in a police chase which ended in a hostage standoff. After doing everything by the book and recieving awards and praise for his actions, listen to why his face was all over the newspaper with a negative headline. This is one of our most jaw dropping and unexpected reveals yet.


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#35- Computer Hacker

#35- Computer Hacker

February 8, 2018
#34- Swinger Sex Fest

#34- Swinger Sex Fest

January 31, 2018