#16- Sex Offender Therapist

August 24, 2017

An instant favorite. Frankie works as a therapist with prisoners convicted of sex offenses.  Everyday she sits face to face with rapists, child molesters, and every variation therof.  We talk about whether they are born or made, various therapies (rotting meat, penile monitoring), and hear some rough stories.  Though the subject matter is repulsive, this is one of our finest episodes.  Comedian Colleen Justice joins Gabe Noah for this unbelievable interview.


#15- Military Special Ops

August 10, 2017

 "James" was part of an Elite Special Ops group that hunted high value targets including Bin Laden. This is military porn with soul:  hand to hand fight to the death, battling out of an ambush, undercover and alone in hostile territory, one man bomb strikes, brutal imagery, inhuman cruelty, child soldiers, and the incredible price he and other veterans all pay.  

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This episode was cohosted by comedian Bryan Miller.  Bryan has appeared on CBS’s The Late Late Show, The Bob & Tom Show and has a podcast with comedian Tim Slagle called "Rule of Three." 

 more info at: BryanMillerComedy.com

Profession Confession is hosted by Gabe Noah.  Check out his stand up and sketch comedy work at Professionconfession.com

produced by Tevin Pittman


#14- Maniac Insane (Gang Member)

August 2, 2017

Have you ever been shot?  Reefa Rei "Trae 8th" of the Maniac Insane clique is lured into an ambush and shot through the back, into the heart, and out his chest.  Shock, fear, squirting blood, a ruined BBQ, white people, and his fight for survival all added up our first Profession Confession "mini" episode.  (Portion of unaired episode)

Profession Confession is hosted by stand up comedian Gabe Noah (The Turkeys, Cracked, Fox's "On the Fly, Rooftop Comedy, standup records) and produced/cohosted with Tevin Pittman (cloud nine productions).

This episode's guest co-host is comedian Chris Maddock (The Turkeys, Stand Up Records, etc)

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Point of Entry by Chris Maddock



#13- Tom Barnard

August 2, 2017

Radio Hall of Famer, Tom Barnard stopped by and talked about his illustrious career. Hear how he beat out Howard Stern from the Minneapolis market.


#12- Heroin Dealer

July 26, 2017

We sat down with one of Minnesota's most notorious drug dealers. His crew sold everything from pills and weed, to coke and heroin. At 16 years old he was on his way to earning $100k working with the Mexican Mafia. His  meteroic rise making millions of dollars turned to a heartbreaking callapse due to addiction, death and incarceration. 


#11- Undercover Narcotics Officer

July 19, 2017

We are at it again with everyone's favorite counter terrorism agent, Jay. This time we dive into his experience as an undercover narcotics officer. We cover his frantic search for cop killers as well as the moment he nearly shot an unarmed man! You won't want to miss this episode.


cohosted by Steve Gillespie

steve has appeared on Conan O'Brien, cmt's next big comic, and has a great new podcast called "Under our Covers" 

check it out here:  http://underourcovers.libsyn.com/

Host:  Gabe Noah 

-stand up comedian, The Turkeys, tom Barnard Podcast, Asheville fest, akumal fest and more


#10- Sugar Baby

July 12, 2017

Feeling judge-y? THE SUGAR BABIES ARE HERE! This one has it all: the most cringeworthy seduction attempt of all time, grandpa sex, money, gifts, and a moral grey area that has spanned human history!  There can be no sugar daddy without sugar babies!  

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Cohost:  Isaac Witty

Isaac has appeared on Late Night with David Letterman, Comedy Central, Late Nite with Conan, O'Brien, Rooftop Comedy Records.

Website:  http://www.isaacwitty.com/

Host:  Gabe Noah:The Turkeys, Stand Up Records


Producer:  Tevin Pittman


#9- Counter Terrorism Agent

June 28, 2017

Mall stabbings, beheading videos, diffusing bombs, dealing with the Somali community, and the likelihood of attack at the mall of America (a favorite target)...Confessions of a Gov't Counter Terror Agent!

*one of our very favorite guests.

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cohost: Kjell Bjorgen

Host:  Gabe Noah 

Producer:  Tevin Pittman


#8- Human Trafficking Detective

June 21, 2017

Women being sold onto ships never to be seen again, going undercover in prostitution stings, crapping hookers, pedo stings, trading cigarettes, nail salons, and groveling johns....all in a days work for a SEX DETECTIVE (our name for it, not his)!

for more inf:  Professionconfession.com

Cohost:  Kjell Bjorgen 

host:Gabe Noah

Producer:  tevin pittman




#7- Paramedic

June 14, 2017

Hey death lovers, your podcast has arrived! 57 stab wounds, unspecified penis pain, dead man's wallet, cracking ribs, dirty underwear, worst ways to die, Crushings, eye contact while dying, and being told last words...Confessions of a Paramedic!

Guest Cohost:  stand up comedian Kjell Bjorgen.  Comedy Central's Live at Gotham, The Turkeys, & Night of the Creep. 

Host:  Gabe Noah

*the turkeys, tom Barnard podcast, Asheville Comedy Festival, Akumal Comedy Festival, 10,000 laughs fest, debut album coming on Grammy winning Stand Up Records!