Profession Confession

#51- One Punch Killer

October 1, 2018

This episode strays from our normal format. One punch deaths are something everyone hears about, but rarely do you actually meet the guy who threw the tragic punch. Jeets was a 21 year old kid from the burbs whose preteen years were spent in foster care bouncing from school to school.  Often the  new black kid at white schools, he learned how to defend himself early on.  Far from a thug, he was well liked by teachers, parents, and his peers.  None of that mattered much when he was challenged to a fight at a summer festival.  His victim was a larger man who threw the first punch.  Our guest ducked it and countered with an uppercut that would land him in a maximum security prison for 8 years, and many lives forever shattered.  

Cohosted by comedian, humanitarian, and  genius Greg Coleman.  He’s hilarious.  Check him out:

twitter: @saygcole

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