Profession Confession

#33- Doula (birthworker)

January 17, 2018

We really had a blast talking and laughing and cringing with a Doula (birthworker)!  Don’t miss this one.  For over a decade she’s had a front row seat for the most gutteral, stinky, slimy, painful, perilous, joyous, beautiful, and emotionally profound of all human experiences: child birth.  

Comedy MILF Colleen Justice joins world’s greatest DILF (Gabe) for a discussion that was as gross and perverted as it was interesting and informative.  

SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR DOULA AND CHECK OUT EPISODE 3 WITH COLLEEN (one of Gabe’s very favorite episodes) !!!!   

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———> Go see Colleen perform this Friday Jan 19th at HOOK AND LADDER THEATER for the taping of CHRIS MADDOCK’S ALBUM for STAND UP RECORDS!  

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 *and check out episode 3 (mother to special needs child).