#55- Kathleen Bangs, Aerospace Expert

December 13, 2018

Kathleen Bangs has a long and impressive career in the field of aerospace. She's flown everything from commercial airliners to floatplanes. She's also an expert on airplane crashes and a fox news correspondent.

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#54- Double Amputee

November 20, 2018

#53- Corrections Officer

November 7, 2018

#52- Special Forces

October 22, 2018

#51- One Punch Killer

October 1, 2018

This episode strays from our normal format. One punch deaths are something everyone hears about, but rarely do you actually meet the guy who threw the tragic punch. Jeets was a 21 year old kid from the burbs whose preteen years were spent in foster care bouncing from school to school.  Often the  new black kid at white schools, he learned how to defend himself early on.  Far from a thug, he was well liked by teachers, parents, and his peers.  None of that mattered much when he was challenged to a fight at a summer festival.  His victim was a larger man who threw the first punch.  Our guest ducked it and countered with an uppercut that would land him in a maximum security prison for 8 years, and many lives forever shattered.  

Cohosted by comedian, humanitarian, and  genius Greg Coleman.  He’s hilarious.  Check him out:

twitter: @saygcole


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#50- Hospice Nurse

September 12, 2018

Episode 50! Thank you everyone for sticking with us along this journey. We couldn't have accomplished any of this without you and we are excited to continue to grow the show moving forward.


This week's episode features a hospice nurse, Patty. She has experienced more death than just about anyone. She cares for and builds relationships with patients just to have them die. The emotional rollercoaster she is on would take it's toll on anyone. Don't worry it's not all sad. We talk about breaking corpses bones, stabbing dead bodies and playing practical jokes in the hospital as well.


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#49- Eye Removal Technician

September 5, 2018

This week's episode features Morgan, an eye removal technician. She harvests corneas from dead bodies so they can be donated to people in need. This episode brings us back to cringe worthy gore. She goes into great detail about her experiences cutting out corneas. 

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#48- Vietnam War Fighter Pilot

August 9, 2018

This fighter pilot was a true top gun. 190 confirmed kills in one mission, tought pilots how to win dog fights and consistantly dropped bombs within 8ft of his target. In this episode we sat down with a Vietnam War Veteran and had a great time. He had, by far, the best sayings we've ever heard from a guest. Our favorite was "snoopin and poopin". Let us know what your favorite was.


#47- Air Marshal

June 13, 2018

No, he's not the guy that drags unruly passengers out of first class and no his job is not a real life version of snakes on a plane. However, Pierre has thwarted possible terror attacks while 30,000 feet in the air. We broke out the Jameson with Pierre and Jay (from ep. 9 & 11) and talked about the crazy life of an air marshal. 


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#46- Mental Health Case Manager

June 7, 2018

This episode was slightly different then some of our past episodes. If you enjoyed the episode with the special needs parent, hell even if you hated that episode, you'll love this one. This week's guest talked about all things schizophrenia. She even had a patient that heard voices telling them to kill her parents and the family dog. Mike lester co-hosts this episode and has a strong connection to mental illness (not meant to be a diss toward Mike. His parents suffered from mental health issues)


For anyone dealing with schizophrenia or that would like more resources for mental health issues check out the links below.


National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI)- https://www.nami.org

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline- https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org

Crisis Text Line- https://www.crisistextline.org or text HOME to 741741

National Institute of Mental Health- https://www.nimh.nih.gov/index.shtml


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