Gabe’s Heroin Diaries Pt 4.

October 18, 2017

#23- Gabe’s Heroin Diaries Pt. 3

October 11, 2017

#22- Gabe’s Heroin Diary part 2

October 4, 2017

Part 2 picks up with more about The Pedros" (Mexican mafia drug dealers) and their well oiled Black Tar Heroin delivery system and Gabe's idiotic attempts to steal from them.  We also hear about Gabe's new friendship with neighbor Greg, a luminary of west coast punk and devoted White Supremacist.  Greg's apartment was a dirty salon for various users and is the site of Gabe's first overdosed prostitute story. 

This episode is hosted by comedian/journalist Bryan Miller (late late show with Craig Ferguson). 




#21- Gabe’s Heroin Diary part 1

September 29, 2017

Audio diary of a Los Angeles Heroin addict.  A special episode where Gabe is the subject.  Comedian/journalist Bryan Miller (Craig Ferguson) steps in as host and interviews Gabe about his decent into addiction.  Wild fun and bad choices on the road to ruin.  The Mexican mafia, the Pedro's, junky guitar players, sex dolls, wheel chairs working at Prince's house, collecting bottles, stealing, failing at comedy, Bruce Willis on acid, arguing with Jude law, and where to cop dope in Hollywood until you crash and burn and disappoint everyone and wish none of it happenend.  



#20- Crack Dealer

September 20, 2017

Our most educational episode!  Timmy has sold crack for 20 years (which is two less than he spent in prison) and he gives step by step instructions on how to make your own crack at home!   Special Christmas Crack recipe included!  This one Has moments that are as dark and gritty as it gets.  Beatings, gabe asking about sexual favors, Timmy in reverie about sexual favors, prison culture, brutal prison rape, and no resolution whatsoever.  

Hosted by Gabe Noah

Cohosted by Isaac Witty 

produced by Tevin Pittman

executive producer:  Ashley Schiller


#19- Old School Pimp

September 15, 2017

Timmy is an old school pimp.  Not the type you see in movies, the type born of poverty and hopelessness.  We talk about his tragic entrance into the game, stuffing women in trunks, gorilla pimps, sweet Pimps, murder, money, and stomping pedophiles.  

Hosted by Gabe Noah

Co Hosted by Isaac Witty (david letterman, Conan)

Produced by Tevin Pittman


#18- Action Cameraman

September 6, 2017

This week's guests are action news cameramen.  They make their living chasing the news wherever, and whatever it is.  Horrific tragedy, threats, adrenaline, gruesome traffic accidents, live suicides, celebrities, and what it's like to knock on the front door of someone caught in a scandal.  Hosted by Gabe Noah.  Produced by Tevin Pittman


#17- Gay Porn Actor

August 31, 2017

MINI-EPISODE:  Emerson lived a real life gay porn fantasy camp.  Infact, his story about his first time doing gay porn would make a very good gay porn.  This mini-episode focuses on his very first time performing in a pornographic movie.  Follow him from sending in his video to being flown to New York and being paired with his favorite porn actor.  Also, hear about Gabe's close call with a predatory exhibitionist.  The episode of Profession Confession was recorded in Minneapolis MN.  

Hosted by Gabe Noah 

co-hosted by Kjell Bjorgen

produced by Tevin Pittman



#16- Sex Offender Therapist

August 24, 2017

An instant favorite. Frankie works as a therapist with prisoners convicted of sex offenses.  Everyday she sits face to face with rapists, child molesters, and every variation therof.  We talk about whether they are born or made, various therapies (rotting meat, penile monitoring), and hear some rough stories.  Though the subject matter is repulsive, this is one of our finest episodes.  Comedian Colleen Justice joins Gabe Noah for this unbelievable interview.


#15- Military Special Ops

August 10, 2017

 "James" was part of an Elite Special Ops group that hunted high value targets including Bin Laden. This is military porn with soul:  hand to hand fight to the death, battling out of an ambush, undercover and alone in hostile territory, one man bomb strikes, brutal imagery, inhuman cruelty, child soldiers, and the incredible price he and other veterans all pay.  

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This episode was cohosted by comedian Bryan Miller.  Bryan has appeared on CBS’s The Late Late Show, The Bob & Tom Show and has a podcast with comedian Tim Slagle called "Rule of Three." 

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Profession Confession is hosted by Gabe Noah.  Check out his stand up and sketch comedy work at

produced by Tevin Pittman